Watch as Rishabh Pant plays batting practice. 

Rishabh Pant has started batting and keeping in the nets after making remarkable strides in his recovery, according to a source. He currently practises running, flexibility, and strength exercises as part of a fitness regimen created specifically for him by the BCCI.

In a social media video that has gone viral, Rishabh Pant is seen batting during a practice game.

In the video, Rishabh Pant is seen stepping up to the plate while the crowd roars in approval.

The Indian wicketkeeper-batsman then settles into a rhythm with a few power blows.

Since his terrible vehicle accident in December, Pant has been sorely missed throughout India.

Pant underwent ligament surgery earlier this year after sustaining numerous injuries in a vehicle accident, but while he recovers, it seems unlikely that he will be ready for the World Cup.

A recent BCCI press release stated that Pant had “started batting as well as keeping in the nets.”

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