The Pune Metro Accident: Iron portion from the construction site of the Pune Metro damages a moving car, but no one is hurt.

Pune Metro would penalise the contractor after the contractor paid the car owner compensation.

According to officials, a moving automobile was severely damaged Thursday night at Yerwada Chowk when an iron piece from the elevated Pune Metro line that is still under construction fell on its hood. However, there were no casualties noted.

According to Pune Metro, the contractor would face sanctions in accordance with the law.

The car’s owner has received compensation from the contractor for the harm done. To ensure that a similar occurrence doesn’t happen again, we will penalise the contractor in accordance with the law and hold a safety drill, according to Pune Metro Public Relations Officer Hemant Sonawane.

According to accounts, the event happened near the bustling Yerwada Chowk about 8 p.m. Locals expressed alarm over the safety precautions put in place and questioned what would have occurred if the iron section had fallen on a pedestrian or a motorbike.Days have passed since Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially opened the new Metro lines.

The enlarged lines were allegedly opened to the public in a hurry, disregarding safety precautions, according to opposition leaders. This section was not the site of the accident on Thursday.

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