Steve Smith : The beer dispute following the Ashes final is explained from Australia’s perspective by Steve Smith. 

Ben Stokes later revealed that the two parties had met that day at a nightclub, but Steve Smith had already gone home.Steve Smith, a batter for Australia, recently broke his silence over the post-Ashes beer row in which players from both sides were barred from sharing a drink. Smith described how after the last game in London, tourists waited for England for a while but they never showed up. There have been many different perspectives on the narrative so far.According to Smith, they knocked on hosts’ doors to celebrate the occasion, but they were preoccupied with Stuart Broad’s parting. The Australian also stated that after waiting for them for more than an hour, their players became pretty impatient. Notably, Broad and a few other staffers from England’s setup were scheduled to leave following the last Ashes match.”Yes, we did rap on the door a few times. Stokesy came out at one point while we were waiting and said, “Two minutes,” and then approximately an hour went by, Smith told SEN.The 34-year-old thought it was regrettable and a little embarrassing that they didn’t enjoy a drink after a really good series.Ben Stokes later revealed that the two parties had met that day at a nightclub, but Smith had already gone for home.”We reasoned, ‘We can’t sit here forever. Should we have a beer or not? The boys decided to leave after they were a little tired of waiting. It was disappointing since it was the first time in my career that we didn’t go out for drinks with them after a series.Smith continued, “I had already left home by that point, but it was a shame not to have a beer and reminisce on what was a very cool series. They caught up with a handful of the boys in the nightclub later that night.Australia took a 2-0 lead in the five-game series before England came back strongly and won two of the next three games to even the series. As the series was tied, Australia kept the urn.

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