‘Ramachandra Boss and Co’ Twitter review: Nivin Pauly starrer heist thriller gets mixed reviews 

 “Ramachandra Boss and Co” starring Nivin Pauly  released and  received mixed reviews on Twitter. Some users praised it as a decent entertainer with a good mix of comedy and exciting moments, while others found it average or disappointing. However, there were  positive comments about the gripping second half of the film and the Nivin-Vinay combination. Overall, the movie seems to be a family favourite during the festive season. 

Directed by Haneef Aden, Ramachandra Boss and Co, starring Nivin Pauly, hit the  screens today (August 25). The film, which also stars Vinay Forrt, Jaffar Idukki, Mamitha Baiju and Aarsha Chandini Baiju, is touted as a heist comedy. The film  managed to attract the attention of viewers, especially young people and families. 

Going by the reviews on Twitter, one can expect ‘Ramachandra Boss and Co’ to be a decent entertainer to watch in theaters this festive day of Onam. 

A Twitter user claimed that ‘Ramachandra Boss and Co’ is the movie to watch  this festive season. “#RamachandraBossandCo is a slight mix up of light scenes and exciting moments. A family friendly movie to watch on Onam,” wrote a movie fan. 

Another Twitter forum also agreed  that ‘Ramachandra Boss and Co’ is a complete comedy entertainer which entertains the entire family audience. “#RamachandraBossandCo is all in all surely a comedy entertainer loved by family audiences. Very engaging once the  characters and comedy work really hard.” 

Another netizen rated the film  an “average” entertainer. “#Average with a better half, partly entertaining heist though  not that convincing. The comedy part is a let down. The twists and turns are predictable. Nivin ok, rest well. Weak villain. Technical side  Mediocre,” the tweet read.  

A Twitter forum wrote, “#RamachandraBossAndCo feels  the family crowd will throng the theaters this festival season. A thrilling second half played a crucial role in that. 

Another moviegoer seems to be thoroughly enjoying the film: “Just finished #RamachandraBossandCo. Very happy to see a fun romp with a background in heist. The combination of Nivin and Vinay  is a joy to watch. 

The movie buff was excited to see Nivin Pauly’s comeback with the comedy entertainer but was not thrilled with the film as a whole. A film made on a large scale, which to some extent loses its essence. Glad to see #NivinPauly back in his comedic entertainer territory after a long time. Pros: Dop, Fight Sequence, Comedy (half finished). Cons: Villain. All in all, a must-have family entertainer,” the netizen wrote. 

“Acceptable,” was  another netizen, “Ramachandra Boss and Co.” “#RamachandraBossAndCo as #NivinPauly is back to his strong strength. #HaneefAdeni tried but failed to achieve his strong point, the emotion part. Logic aside, and if you don’t mind the quality of the heist part, #BossandCo is a decent entertainer. Acceptable, wrote the netizen. 

Movie fans rated the movie 1.5/5. “#RamachandraBossandCo Poorly made a heist movie with the first half full of comedy that doesn’t work at all and the second half  a boring watch with boring acting and logic problems. Rating: 1.5”

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