Pride of Jaipur with 100 years of legacy: Priceless taste in the kulfi of Panna Lal Kulfi Wala Private Limited

When we talk about the Pink City Jaipur, we definitely talk about Pannalal Kulfi Wala Private Limited, where every kulfi of Pannalal Kulfi Wala Private Limited has a unique taste. There is hardly anyone in Jaipur who has not heard about Pannalal Kulfi Wala Private Limited and has not tasted their kulfi.

In the scorching summer, apart from the cool breeze of AC, the thing that gives the most comfort and relaxation is cold kulfi. Although there is no season to eat kulfi, but still the fun of eating it doubles in summer. Although you must have eaten ice cream and kulfi of many brands and many flavors and may have made it at home sometimes, but the kulfis of Pannalal Kulfi Wala Private Limited in Jaipur have achieved a different level of popularity.

Journey of a century: The story of Panna Lal Kulfi Wala Pvt Ltd

The most popular Pannalal ji of Jaipur, Rajasthan started his work from a small stall 100 years ago. Today, due to the strong taste of his kulfi and excellent customer service, he has established his own identity in this business. Pannalal Kulfi Wala Pvt Ltd shop is known for the best and a special and different taste since 1923. The foodies never get tired of praising it.

International identity: The success of Panna Lal Kulfi Wala Pvt Ltd

After more than 100 years, the success of Pannalal Kulfi Wala Pvt Ltd is not limited to Jaipur. From serving parties of all celebrities, be it politicians or actors, to foreign weddings, Pannalal Kulfi Wala Pvt Ltd has survived the competition for years and today it has become a brand.

A unique confluence of taste and health

Your own place of desi taste where you get a new feeling of freshness and health. Since 1923, Pannalal ji has been continuously adding sweetness to the taste of Jaipur residents with purity and freshness and even today his changing generation has taken care of it very well. Keeping in mind the traditional method and the desi taste, Rabri Matka Kulfi is prepared by mixing nutritious elements like pure rabri, saffron cardamom, pistachio, almond etc., which is pure and healthy in itself. Pannalal Kulfi Wala has made a special identity for himself in the country and abroad with his saffron pistachio kulfi.

Skill of the third generation: Contribution of Ravi Tak

Ravi Tak of the third generation tells that here kulfi and rabri are made in a special way, in which only pure milk is used and it is made in a unique way, due to which its taste is completely different from other kulfis. Along with this, special sugar free rabri and all kinds of cold things are made here which are suitable for fasting. That is why there is the highest demand here. This is not just a business, it is a family heritage which has been preserved by every generation. Different types of Kulfi and their prices

At Pannalal Kulfi Wala Private Limited, you will find many types of Kulfi and Rabri like Dibba Kulfi, Matka Kulfi, Tan Tan Kulfi, Milk Rose, Shahi Rabri, Laccha Rabri, Kesar Rabri. You can buy Kulfi and Rabri of Pannalal Kulfi Wala from Rs. 35 to Rs. 750. Every tourist who visits Jaipur, apart from seeing Jaipur, definitely visits the famous food shops here. In the same list, Pannalal Kulfi Wala Private Limited comes on top in Jaipur and once someone eats Kulfi of Pannalal Kulfi Wala Private Limited, he comes here again and again. Ravi Tak says that the things prepared here do not spoil for 15 to 20 days.

Attraction of Chardiwari Bazaar: Pink City

Pannalal Kulfi Wala Private Limited is located in Amer Road, Jaipur, where the maximum crowd of people gathers during summer. The taste of Kulfi, Rabri and Milkshake that you get here, you will not get it in any Kulfi shop that is open these days. The atmosphere and the people here together create a unique experience, which draws you here again and again.

A trip to Jaipur is incomplete without Panna Lal Kulfi Wala Private Limited

Your trip to the “Pink City”, the pride of Rajasthan, is incomplete until you enjoy the Kulfi of Pannalal Kulfi Wala Private Limited. This is not Kulfi, it is an experience, which takes you back to the memories of childhood, to those special moments spent with your loved ones.

If you also want to taste the most famous and 100-year-old traditional Kulfi in Jaipur and also want to take distributorship and dealership with Pannalal Kulfi Wala Private Limited, then contact the given number today.


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