Oppo Watch 4 Pro : The Oppo Watch 4 Pro was unveiled with an EKG and stainless steel body, along with the affordable Watch SE tags  

 Oppo Watch 4 Pro : Today, Oppo introduced a new  foldable phone and a pair of watches – one with a high-end array of sensors and the other with a budget model. We’ve already covered the Find N3 Flip, now let’s take a look at the watches. 

Oppo Watch 4 Pro 

The design of the Oppo Watch 4 Pro is similar to that of the 3 Pro, but with updates inside and out. Starting with the exterior, the watch  is now made  of stainless steel instead of aluminium, which should make it a little more durable, and it’s a little heavier (52.3g vs. 37.5g). 

The steel has  a brushed finish that contrasts with the grooves of the crown. In addition, the base is made  of ceramic, which is both durable and avoids skin problems. The screen is still slightly curved. It’s a 1.91-inch LTPO AMOLED panel as before, with the same 378 x 396 pixels (326 ppi).

The Oppo Watch 4 Pro is available in two versions – Polar Night Black with a black body and fluorescent rubber band, and Dawn Brown with a champagne coloured body and  brown leather strap. 

The watch is equipped with an advanced array of sensors that  give you a 60-second study by monitoring 7  vital signs. The most important components of the test are EKG, pulse, blood vessel age, sleep and stress. It can measure things like blood vessel elasticity,  detect arterial tremors, snoring and more.  

Interestingly, this model includes real-time blood sugar monitoring  and warnings when values ​​change abnormally. The watch also has a skin temperature sensor (accuracy 0.1°C).

Like its predecessor, this watch is powered by the Snapdragon W5 chipset and features the BES 2700 chip for low power consumption. This year, Oppo doubled the RAM to 2GB, with storage still available at 32GB.

The watch is powered by a 570 mAh battery (slightly larger than last year) and lasts up to 5 days in full smartwatch mode, up to 2.5 days in intensive use. Light mode can last up to a few weeks and fast charging is available, so 10 minutes is enough for a full day (a full charge takes a little over an hour).  

This Oppo watch 4 pro has an eSIM card, so it also has 4G connectivity on the go. There is also NFC, although its functions are currently specific to China. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 are also available. 

 Major positioning satellites are supported for training tracking, and the watch  is water resistant up to 5 ATM, so you can take it with you to the pool. 

The Oppo Watch 4 Pro is available for pre-order in China  today and can be found on the official Oppo Store. Deliveries and opening sales begin on September 8.  The Polar Night Black version costs CNY 2,300 ($315/€290/₹26,000), but there’s an Ear Bird deal and you can get it  CNY 100 cheaper. 

The Dawn Brawn has two straps, so it’s slightly more expensive at CNY 2,500 ($345 / €320 / ₹28,750). Again,  a CNY 100 discount is available for pre-order.

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