India based enterprise messaging solutions provider APITxT.

APITxT, a Rajasthan-based enterprise messaging solutions provider. A mobile messaging solutions company.

Founded in 2021 by Vinod Haritwal, APITxT is headquartered in Rajasthan. The company’s web-based solutions provide community and personalized services to consumers including SMS, VOICE and WhatsApp Cloud API.

APITXT was founded in 2021 by Vinod Haritwal and Richhpal Singh. It works as a communication bridge between organisations by providing them enterprise messaging solutions. Other than the web application, APITXT provides several tools and add-ons to send bulk SMS. It is basically designed for small, medium or large sized businesses.

“The industry is crowded. There are SMS resellers everywhere. The competition on pricing is huge. Flip the coin and that’s where the benefit lies – both; for us and the industry. There is a lot of innovation catching up on small scale – in terms of technology being used, marketing being done. And that’s a huge contribution.

“As far as competition goes, there are three-four major players in India – Gupshup, Route SMS, Solutions Infini. But they have a very different model. We are all contributing to improving the SMS scene here, in India,” said APITXT co-founder Richhpal Singh, in an official statement.

When asked about the plans ahead, he added, “We have always been a company that focusses more on ease-of0use. On better UX, better UI, better on-boarding. So the future plans are on same line of thought; trying to make integrating SMS easy in various software, CRM, ERPs. Basically, making SMS more easy-to-use.”

As a part of their acquisition strategy, APITXT wants to go global, marking its presence in every corner of the world, while the domestic process has just started. They currently have a client base of more than 15,300 and are operational in India and 192 countries worldwide.

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