Elvish Yadav discusses his attraction to Pooja Bhatt on Bigg Boss OTT 2, saying, “If she were my age, I would definitely approach her.”

Elvish Yadav made fun of wanting to wed Pooja Bhatt during a roast war on the most recent episode of Bigg Boss OTT 2. Later, he told his buddy Manisha Rani that he thinks Pooja is stunning and that her character is strong and bold. Pooja also mentioned how much she liked Elvish’s character and described him as a good soul.

Bigg Boss OTT 2’s most recent episode was loaded with drama and controversy. All the contestants engaged in a humorous roasting competition in the episode.

On stage, Pooja Bhatt, Manisha Rani, Elvish Yadav, and others had the opportunity to showcase their impulsive and entertaining personalities. Elvish’s lines for Pooja Bhatt were what garnered the most attention. In his roasting contest, he made light of his desire to wed her

Elvish claimed that Pooja puts in a lot of effort in the Bigg Boss house because she is aware of how conservative her Haryanvi family is and believes that this will convince her to marry him. Pooja chuckled and expressed her gratitude for it. However, Elvish was later overheard discussing the same with Manisha Rani, a close friend. Pooja Bhatt is extremely beautiful at 51, and he said he can’t begin to fathom how beautiful she must have been when she was younger.

I’ll undoubtedly look at her old photos before I leave. She would absolutely be approached if she were my age.

It was met with laughter and the retort, “You truly believe she likes you as much as I do. I’ve always gone above and beyond for you because I adore you. Pooja ma’am is amazing, without a doubt, but I really like you. On the other hand, Pooja was spotted discussing the same with Bebika. “Of everyone, I like Elvish’s personality the best,” she remarked. He has a generous heart and is very kind. I want him to succeed.

On August 14, Bigg Boss OTT 2 will come to an end.

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