Dr Padmakar Nandekar Received Mahatma Gandhi Rathtriya Abhiman Puraskar 2023 By Hon Minister Darekar & By Bollywood Actress Aditi Govitrikar

Dr Padmakar Nandekar

On August 9th, 2023, at YB Chavan Centre in Mumbai, the honorable minister , Shri Darekar & Bollywood Actress Aditi Govitrikar, gave Mahatma Gandhi Rathtriya Abhiman Puraskar 2023 to Dr. Padmakar Nandekar, a well-known social worker from Cuffe Parade. Dr. Nandekar is the head of Universal Communications Ltd., an advertising agency that deals with the rights of TV channels, the sales promotion of blockbuster movies, and the sponsorship of events and films. He was one of the first people in India to start successful TV channels like DD Metro, Zee Cinema, and regional channels.

Dr. Nandekar has made TV programs for more than twenty thousand hours. He first got a job when he was hired as a dairy supervisor by the Ministry of Dairy Development Dept., Maharashtra. He has degrees in dairy technology and a Master of Philosophy in marketing and production. Later, in 1991, he worked as a distribution officer and zone manager in the National Centre of Films for Children and Young People for the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Because he was professional and worked hard, the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) gave him the job of Manager (Marketing) in 1994. Dr. Nandekar went on to work as a regional marketing manager for ZEE Cinema.

He started his business, Universal Communications Ltd., in 1995 with the goal of making, distributing, promoting, and funding high-quality TV shows, serials, video films, and other software. At the moment, the agency is considered the best of all. Universal Communications Ltd. is also in the business of sponsoring TV and radio shows for producers, clients, and other groups.

 Dr. Nandekar is not only a great head of marketing, but he is also a multifaceted person who has learned spiritual and healing techniques from the Oneness University of Amma Bhagwan, such as Vipassana, Silva, Reki, Melkizerik, Isha Yoga, the Art of Living, Breakthrough, and Diksha. He is a part of these forums so that he can learn about new technologies and other changes in the business world.

Dr. Nandekar is also a philanthropist who works with non-government organizations (NGOs), especially Rotary International. Since 2004, he has been a past president of the Rotary Club of Bombay Queen City and a rising leader in the club. During his time as Club President in 2010-2011, his club won the highest Rotary award, the “Presidential Citation with Distinction,” and 41 District Appreciation Awards with a gold medal. He is proud to have won both the “Rotary Foundation District Service Award” and the “Avenue of Service Citation” for his great work. His family shares Dr. Nandekar’s interest in things that help people. His parents, his wife, Parul Padmakar Nandekar, and his children, Khushal Padmakar Nandekar and Mehal Padmakar Nandekar, are all Paul Harris Fellows with Rotary International. Aside from being a Paul Harris Fellow, he is also a member of the Major Donors Society and has given more than 1 crore of rupees. He and his family have been to more than 50 international clubs and 11 Rotary International Conventions in different parts of the world.

Dr. Nandekar is also a former secretary general of the Cuffe Parade Resident Association (i.e., SOBO Chief). He was in charge of making Bay View Marina Garden (BVM), a beautiful garden that covers 2.7 lakh square feet. He is also in charge of taking care of the Cuffe Parade CPRA Greens Garden.

Dr. Padmakar Nandekar has done a lot of great things, and he has also helped to improve Cuffe Parade, where he lives. He was the Secretary General of the Cuffe Parade Resident Association (CPRA) and was in charge of building the beautiful Bay View Marina Garden (BVM) on a 2.7-lakh-square-foot area. He also helped keep the CPRA Greens Garden in Cuffe Parade in good shape. Also, the Rotary Club of Bombay Queen City made the first rose garden in Cuffe Parade with his help. Dr. Nandekar has planted 16,000 trees, including 100 mango trees and 300 coconut trees in Coconut Bay. This shows how committed he is to protecting the environment and keeping it healthy.

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