Dr. Mahendra Bhati, known as “Trikal,” has been honored with India’s World Record

Dr. Mahendra Bhati, known as “Trikal,” has been honored with India’s World Record. So far, Dr. Mahendra Bhati’s more than 211 astrological predictions have proven to be true, which have been publicly published in newspapers and social media from time to time. Based on Dr. Bhati’s abilities, he has also been honored 11 times by the World Book of Records.

Renowned and celebrated astrologer of India, Dr. Mahendra Bhati “Trikal,” made several accurate astrological predictions this year, which were publicly confirmed. He predicted the clear majority victory of the BJP in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections, and the reappointment of Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister well before the actual event, which ultimately proved to be true. He also correctly foresaw that the BJP would not form the government in Punjab, indicating a weak mandate. Furthermore, he indicated that Navjot Singh Sidhu, the Pradesh Congress Committee President of Punjab, would face a tough electoral path, which indeed turned out to be true.

In the coming days, he has made some more predictions, including:

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan will become the National President or National Executive President of Congress.
Yogi Adityanath will be announced for the top leadership position in the central government, either as Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister.
The BJP will form the government in Rajasthan in the upcoming elections in 2023.
China will propose friendship to India and seek stronger relations in the days to come.
Most of the predictions made by Dr. Mahendra Bhati ‘Trikal,’ a native of Raypur, Rajasthan, have proven to be true. His expertise spans various fields including telepathy, horoscope analysis, Reiki, mesmerism, Ayurveda, natural medicine, hypnotism, astrology, and the power of the mind, as well as in mysterious sciences.

Born into an ordinary middle-class farming family, Dr. Bhati had a keen interest in understanding supernatural powers and para-science from an early age. For this, he extensively studied various religious texts, mythological scriptures, thousands of mysterious books, and other paranormal literature. Dr. Bhati’s deep knowledge and these supernatural powers have been directly experienced by those close to him from time to time. So far, many of his international predictions have been proven true.

Dr. Bhati’s aim has become to continuously research ancient mysterious sciences. He has developed several simple and easy techniques to bring the power of the mind and mesmerism into public use. Through these techniques, the general public will be able to perform any task in their life. With these techniques, ordinary people can significantly accelerate their educational, financial, and mental development and solve their problems with ease.

According to Dr. Mahendra Bhati ‘Trikal’s private secretary, Lakshman Saini, more than 211 of his astrological predictions have been publicly confirmed. These include Ashok Gehlot becoming the Chief Minister with over 100 seats, Prime Minister Modi securing over 311 seats, Arvind Kejriwal becoming the Chief Minister, Rahul Gandhi losing from Amethi, the downfall of the Madhya Pradesh government, Vaibhav Gehlot becoming the President of the Rajasthan Cricket Association, damage to personalities at the national level, the change of government in Karnataka, and the disruption of the Nepal government. Dr. Trikal announced on June 26th that there was a possibility of the current government in Nepal collapsing within 2020, which was ultimately proven true.

He also claimed the formation of the BJP government in Bihar and the appointment of Nitish Kumar as Chief Minister. This announcement was widely discussed in political circles as it was completely opposite to what was expected, but it also turned out to be true. About six months before the American elections, it was publicly stated that Donald Trump’s path would not be easy this time. Additionally, several predictions regarding weather-related events like rainfall have also been proven true. These include changes in government, Jyotiraditya Scindia leaving Congress, fluctuation in the prices of precious metals like gold and silver, and a significant decision regarding the Ram Temple.

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