Bigg Boss OTT 2: Manisha Rani discloses that Abhishek Malhan picks Elvish Yadav to win in place of her in exchange for the votes of his supporters; the latter states, “I’ll give you Rs 25 Lakhs if you don’t win”

Abhishek Malhan offends Manisha Rani by picking Elvish Yadav to lift the award instead of her. Manisha then confronts Abhishek and begs him to allow her to win the competition since she needs the Rs 25 lakhs prize money. If she loses, Abhishek jokingly says he’ll give her the money.

Celebrity visitors have made the Bigg Boss OTT 2 finale week pretty entertaining. Recent visitors RJ and the top 5 contestants engaged in some entertaining interviews.

When she questioned Abhishek about who else he would pick to lift the award instead of him. “I would like Elvish to win, but Manisha’s journey in the house has been better than him,” Abhishek retorted.

After the visitor left, Manisha Rani addressed Abhishek and told him that she was really disappointed with him for his response. Abhishek made an effort to explain to her that although he has a particular link with her, he holds Elvish in high respect. After that, Manisha snarled at Abhishek, saying, “Now I get it, you want to show Elvish’s fans that you are supporting him so that you get his votes and win the show.”

They wouldn’t vote for me if they were his followers, but that is not the case, Abhishek retorted. He is simply a stronger candidate.

“Let me win please, Elvish has a 16-room-big house, you are so rich,” Manisha then said to Abhishek. I can accomplish a lot of things with Rs 25 lakhs, so please give it to me. Each of you is a crorepati. You guys are quite wealthy outside and have a tremendous fan base. I’ll give you Rs 25 Lakhs if you don’t win, Abhishek said in jest. But either I or Elvish would receive the award.

Elvish then made jokes with Manisha and Abhishek in an effort to defuse the tense situation. Abhishek, however, persisted in making fun of Elvish’s supporters and fans.

All these celebrities are going to meet you in the house, he added. They are all familiar with you, and you connect with them.

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