Auli : Why should one travel to Auli in the summer?

Auli transforms into a paradise in the winter, but it is also wonderful in the summer. Therefore, individuals who are eager to spend their summer vacations in Auli may rest confident that they will have an enjoyable trip that is constantly surrounded by lush green scenery, snow, rocky mountains, and unadulterated delight.

Therefore, to get the most of the sun, slopes, and snow this time, visit Auli if you haven’t already scheduled a trip for your summer vacation. Auli, which is well renowned for its skiing, is the ideal place to go during the summer to avoid the heat of the lowlands.

Well, you are welcome to come here at any time of the year.Auli is the finest destination to visit in the summer and to take advantage of Uttarakhand’s stunning natural surroundings.

Best summertime destinations in Auli

Lake Chattrakund 

This location is a fantastic getaway and a must-see destination for visitors travelling to Auli. This sweet-water lake is located at a height of 3,300 metres, so getting there will require a short walk. Keep in mind that the views this lake has to offer are breathtaking.

National Park of Nanda Devi

The peak of Nanda Devi is a majestic site, blessed with stunning views of the West Himalayas. It acts as a transition area between the Great Himalayan Range and the Zanskar mountain range, where you may observe an amazing variety of vegetation and animals. Keep your cameras ready while visiting because there is so much to see.


Joshimath, also known as Jyotirmath, is a popular tourist site in Auli. It not only creates fantastic prospects for mountain climbing, hiking, and trekking, but it also acts as a gateway to the magnificent Himalayas.

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