Attainers Award 2022: Recognizing Talents

Recognition and appreciation for new and young talents is why JEC Publications organizes & sponsors Attainers Award every year. JEC publication has been in frontline when it comes to uplifting budding writers and recognizing their talent. Here age is merely a number, as poets of any age group & at any stage of their career are celebrated and appreciated. We believe in growing together and our mission is to help writers and other community get acknowledgement for their talent.

And surely, when rewards are presented, it is a big deal for the winners, but those who are not able to make it, may lack confidence in themselves and their art. That is why JEC Publication tries to award every participant by making various categories like BEST WRITERS, BEST ENTREPRENEURS, BEST MULTI-FIELD EXPLORERS, and many more. Apart from this, they get social recognition and feature on the publication page, which helps them develop and reach the masses.

This year Attainers Awards declared the result on 15th December 2022. The winners were rewarded with amazing gift hampers, that included an amazing framed certificate, Sterling silver coin, confidence boosting appreciation letter, and many other rewards to chirrup the winners.

List of Winners of the Attainers Award 2022:

Best Writer of The Year 2022

Divyaneha AS

Dr Suharika Thota


Hrishikesh Goswami

Gyaneshwari Vyas

Humera Khatoon

Supriya Csk


Supriya Srivastava

Sejal Rajesh Punje

“D R Mahato ” “Manu”

Sunayana Kayastha

Best Teacher of The Year 2022

Dr. Aarti Chaturvedi

Sumit Goel      

Best Budding Writer of The Year 2022

Avinash Basfore

Rahul Goel

Palak Chauhan

Ayush Vora

Radhika Batra

Neha Sarah

Best Author of The Year 2022

Ashwini Kandha Pandiyan


Best Entrepreneur of The Year

Amitabh Srivastava

Puja Kumari

Shivanjali Singh

Inspiring Women of The Year 2022

Shajathi Banu

Best Artist of  The Year 2022

Dr Amritha Ramesh

Best Debut Writer of The Year 2022

Aqsa Shahab

Best Social Media Influencer of The Year 2022

Shweta Sharma

Best Musician of The Year 2022

Preeti Thakur

Best Blogger of The Year 2022

Harshpreet Kaur

Best Social Worker of The Year 2022

Aditya Agrawal

About JEC Publication:

JEC Publications is an initiative by its founder, Chaitanya Srivastava, to uplift and accentuate budding writers and authors and give them their chance to be heard and acknowledged for their art. This is not just a publication house but a family of self-motivated people who are always looking for creative ideas to get your thoughts out in the world, just like the Attainers Award. You can even look up their published books and magazines on Amazon, Kobo books, Google books, and many other sites.

Our publishing platform enables writers to convert their stories and ideas into books that people can hold, read and connect with. JEC Publication is a Writing community registered under the government of India. It will take you with a simplified approach to publishing your books.

JEC Publication started on 19 January 2021 as a provider of high-quality publishing services to authors in India. Today, JEC Publication offers various publishing, book printing, and distribution options to both authors and publishers from around the world.

About Chaitanya Srivastava:

Chaitanya Srivastava is a Merchant Navy officer who lives in the holiest city Varanasi. He is the Founder of The “JEC PUBLICATION” and loves to pen down his feelings, his thoughts on various topics which makes him a writer of one of a kind. He is a devotee of peace and distances himself from any type of chaos. He is a helper and dreams to make the world better place to live in. He has been making people smile through his writing since many years. He also owns a poetry page on Instagram named as ” jazbaat_e_chaitanya.”

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