An Interview With Naresh Kumar: His Journey From Rajasthan to Bangalore and Becoming an Artist & Blogger

Naresh Kumar is an artist and blogger from Bangalore, India. He was born and raised in Rajasthan and moved to Bangalore in pursuit of greater opportunities. He has been successfully running his own art studio for the past couple of years and is now making a name for himself on the blogging platform. We had the pleasure of interviewing Naresh and learning about his incredible journey from Rajasthan to Bangalore and how he has established himself as an artist and blogger in the city. He opened up to us about his journey and shared the challenges he faced while trying to make a name for himself. Read on to learn more about Naresh’s inspiring journey and his advice to aspiring artists and bloggers.

Naresh’s journey from Rajasthan to Bangalore

Naresh has been passionate about art since a young age. His love for art and sketching began in school
when he was just eight years old. He is a self-taught artist who started his artistic journey by sketching his surroundings and doing portraits of people. He stated that his favourite subject to draw was people’s faces and expressions. As Naresh grew older, he decided to pursue a career in art. His family was initially apprehensive about his decision but his mother was the first one to support him. He felt compelled to move to Bangalore in order to explore career options in art and establish himself. His family was initially apprehensive about the move but after Naresh’s mother passed away, he felt obligated to go to Bangalore and make a name for himself. He moved to Bangalore in 2012 and enrolled in a Bachelor’s program to gain a formal education in art. His decision to enroll in a Bachelor’s program was largely influenced by society’s pressure to earn a degree. Naresh soon realized that the degree was not for him and decided to pursue a career in art instead.

Naresh’s experience establishing his own art studio

Naresh opened his own art studio in 2016 and has been successfully running it ever since. He stated that the decision to establish his own art studio was purely driven by his passion for art. His art studio is located in Koramangala and he specializes in custom art, sketching, and mural art. He admitted that the process of establishing his own art studio was not an easy one. He initially faced issues with finding the right location for his studio and was unable to secure a suitable location for two years. He was almost ready to give up on his dream of opening his own art studio when he stumbled upon a suitable location. He stated that luck played a big part in his journey and that he is thankful for the opportunities he was given. His experience establishing his own art studio has taught him a number of valuable life lessons. He admitted that it was a difficult and challenging process but he learned a great deal from the experience and is grateful for the lessons he learned.

Naresh’s journey as a blogger
Naresh is an established blogger
who has been writing for the blogging platform for a few years now. He started blogging in 2013 and has been successfully operating his blog ever since. He is passionate about art and writing and decided to start a blog to share his art and experiences with others. He initially did not expect much from his blog and was pleasantly surprised by the positive response he received. He stated that the blog is an extension of his personality and is happy to see how people respond to his work and art. While Naresh’s art career is steadily growing, his blogging journey has not been an easy one. He admitted that he had to overcome many challenges during his blogging journey. He shared that one of the biggest challenges was finding the right topic to write about and making sure the articles are of a high quality. He also stated that he had to deal with issues such as finding the right blogging platform and dealing with the negative comments and criticism he received. Despite the challenges he faced, Naresh has been successful in establishing himself as a blogger and has built a loyal following.

Challenges Naresh faced during his journey
One of the biggest challenges Naresh faced during his blogging journey was dealing with the negative comments and criticism he received. He admitted that it was difficult for him to deal with the negativity but he learned to accept it and move on. He stated that the best way to deal with the negativity is to not lose sight of your goal and to continue doing what you love. He also shared that he wishes he would have been more patient and not rush during the blogging journey. He admitted that he was impatient and did not give his blog enough time to grow and did not give himself enough time to learn and grow. He is happy to have learned from his mistakes and hopes that others can learn from his experience as well. Another challenge Naresh faced was finding the right blogging platform. He started off his blogging journey by writing articles on platforms such as WordPress and Tumblr. He was not happy with the response he received on these platforms and eventually started blogging on his own website. He stated that the best way to deal with challenges such as these is to not give up and to remain persistent.

Naresh’s advice for aspiring artists and bloggers
Naresh’s advice to aspiring artists and bloggers is to pursue what they love and to never give up. He stated that passion is what keeps an artist going and is the main driving force behind their creations. He also advised aspiring artists and bloggers to focus on creating high-quality work and to make sure their work is genuine and authentic. He also stated that it is important to not give up as it takes time for one’s work to be recognized. He admitted that it took him almost six years to establish himself as an artist and blogger and that it was a long journey. It is interesting to note that Naresh did not originally intend to become an artist. His journey has been full of twists and turns, but he has learned a lot and undoubtedly become a better person because of it.

Reflections on Naresh’s journey

Naresh’s journey has been an incredibly inspiring one. From deciding to pursue art as a profession to struggling to make ends meet, Naresh’s journey is one that can be emulated by others. While he initially did not intend to become an artist, he now runs his own art studio, has a successful blogging career, and has a large, loyal fan base. He has dealt with a lot of challenges throughout his journey, and has emerged stronger because of it. It is important to note that Naresh’s journey is not an easy one, and it is important to be patient and to not give up.

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