Aman Anand Singh: Bridging Digital Frontiers and Celestial Circles

Embark on a dual odyssey with Aman Anand Singh, a luminary holding a B.Tech. degree in Computer Science Engineering from SRM Institute of Science and Technology, who not only steers Arise Point through digital frontiers but also gracefully navigates the celestial circles of social influence. Aman’s visionary leadership transcends traditional boundaries, making him a prominent figure not just in the digital realm but also in the social stratosphere.

Originating from Pune, Maharashtra, Aman’s academic journey from SRM, Kattankulathur, Chennai, serves as the foundation for a lifestyle that seamlessly blends the rigors of entrepreneurship with the allure of a social influencer. His unique blend of foresight and flamboyance has not only elevated Arise Point’s standing in the digital landscape but has also turned him into a captivating persona on social media.

Aman Anand Singh’s Instagram handle, @itsamananand, serves as a window into his dynamic life. Beyond sharing snippets of his entrepreneurial journey, Aman curates a lifestyle that resonates with followers worldwide. His social media presence isn’t just a highlight reel; it’s an invitation to witness the fusion of technology, style, and influence.

What distinguishes Aman is not just his digital prowess but his remarkable network in Bollywood, politics, and the entertainment industry. His connections extend beyond social events; they are integral to the success story of Arise Point. Many renowned personalities, including Bollywood celebrities, politicians, and music and film directors, are not just associates; they are clients benefiting from Aman’s unique approach to digital marketing.

Arise Point’s acclaim isn’t confined to national borders; Aman’s strategic alliances have positioned the company as a global player. His ability to seamlessly integrate the digital and social realms has transformed Arise Point into a powerhouse not just in India but also internationally.

As a recent B.Tech. CSE graduate from SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Aman Anand Singh continues to shape the narrative of digital entrepreneurship while living a life that effortlessly bridges the celestial and digital spheres. Embark on this celestial digital journey orchestrated by Aman Anand Singh and explore the avant-garde services offered by Arise Point by visiting

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