AGASS unveils the third revolution – – A platform which provides all tools needed by any business.


Established in 1978 by its founder CA Ashwani Gupta, AGASS ( ) has been providing services in all spheres of business. Its range of services includes chartered accountant services, website development services, mobile app development services, HR and recruitment services, Loan providing services, insurance services, copyrighting services, logo designing services, graphic designing services, writing and proofreading services, marketing services, digital marketing services, social media marketing services, property related services and a lot more. Since 44 years, it has been known to provide quality services in all spheres of business.

Now, AGASS ( ) has introduced its tech platform . This platform provides all the tools needed by any business. The cost of every tool is so low that anyone can afford it. The range of tools on the platform include ERP, Office Automation, Staff Scheduling, Maintenance, Marketing, Sales, Startups, Social Media Management, Social Media posting, ecommerce store creation, job platform, domains marketplace, digital goods marketplace, courses marketplace, content creators platform, events, vCard, Video conference, Hospitals Management, Doctors Practice Management, Transport companies management, restaurants, taxi, agriculture, freelance marketplace, reviews, professionals, qr code, web tools, coupons, affiliates, appointment, assessment, whatsapp store, social proof, realtors platform, field employees tracking, service marketplace and a lot more.

ERP ( ), Sales ( ), Office automation ( ), Staff Scheduling ( ), Maintenance ( ) platforms are required by any business. They are the core tools to perform day to day activities of the business. From accounting to CRM to project and task management to client acquisition, these tools provide comprehensive tools for core activities of this business. AGASS is providing these tools at nominal price of Rs 1000 per year. Now, any business can automate its functions and scale up according to its requirements.

The Marketing ( ) platform provides the functions to do email and sms marketing. Campaigns can be created in the platform which keep running and sending marketing and promotional messages to potential customers.

The startups platform ( ) provides a range of tools for startups to start their business. From modelling to strategy to contacts, everything gives an edge to a startup for its business. The subscription fee of this platform is just Rs 1000 per year.

Social Media Management ( ) gives a lot of tools to manage all the social media and automate the workflow. Social media is a must for every business these days. The platform helps everyone to save time with tools such as autoresponders, triggers and a lot more.

Social Media Scheduling ( ) gives tools to schedule posts for all social media. Now, a businessman doesn’t have to go to his social media handle everyday to post. He can schedule all his posts at once which would be posted to social media automatically.

Ecommerce store creation ( ) gives tools to everyone to create his own ecommerce store. He doesn’t have to have any knowledge of coding. He just has to add products to his store, select theme and take care of sales.

The job platform ( ) gives an autonomous platform to everyone to have multiple companies and jobs and recruit candidates from anywhere. Here, interviews can be scheduled and conducted on zoom.

The domains marketplace ( ) is a platform where anyone can buy and sell domains. Domain gives an identity to any business. The platform gives facility to trade domains and have the best domain for his/her business.

The digital goods marketplace ( ) gives a platform to buy and sell digital goods. This can be anything like a manual, documentation or ebook. Anyone can buy and sell these digital goods here.

The courses marketplace ( ) gives a platform to sell his own courses to students all over the world. Anyone can make courses and market them to reach more students from anywhere.

The content creators platform ( ) gives a platform to earn money through subscription and rewards. Anyone can create entertaining or learning content and get subscribers and followers to pay for them.

The events platform ( ) gives a place for anyone to conduct events online or offline and sell their tickets.

vCard ( ) enables everyone to have a virtual visiting card through which anyone can have the contact details of its business. It also enables a business to give facility of booking appointments with it.

The video conference platform ( ) gives a place to hold video conferences online without the need of downloading any software.

Hospitals Management ( ) gives a platform where anyone can manage his hospital through cloud software.

Doctors Practice Management ( ) gives a platform for doctors to manage their practice effectively.

Transport Companies Management ( ) gives a platform for transport companies to manage their businesses.

Restaurants ( ) platform is for restaurants to manage their businesses effectively and smoothly.

The taxi platform ( ) gives a place where people can book taxis through whatsapp.

Similarly all other platforms have specialties of their own through which businesses can be managed efficiently. The most attractive feature of these tools is the pricing. Almost all the tools are available at a nominal price of Rs 1000 per year. This is a revolution where now every business will be robust and technology oriented and will have the right tools in its arsenal at almost no cost at all.

AGASS ( ) has also provided free hosting through its site ( ). Now no one has to pay for hosting to have his/ her website made.

AGASS ( ) has introduced , a platform which enables anyone to start mobile application development company and start making huge profits without having knowledge and experience of coding.

The company has also introduced , a platform which enables anyone to start website development company of his own without having any technical knowledge. These drag and drop platforms make website and mobile app creation a child’s play.

AGASS ( ) has created a revolution by providing high-tech cloud softwares at nominal cost to every business. Rupansh Ashwani, CEO and MD of AGASS is visionary and is own the right path to make his vision of a better world a reality.


MD/CEO – Rupansh Ashwani

Mobile – +91 9814065254

Email –

Website – /

Headquarters – 178, Lajpat Nagar, Jalandhar, Punjab, India


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