A Call for Global Unity & Humanity: Dr. Srinivas Eluri on Nuclear Disarmament and Equality at United Nations, New York

Dr. Srinivas Eluri, a prominent diplomat hailing from the state of Telangana, has achieved a significant milestone on the international stage. Invited to the United Nations Headquarters in New York, USA, Dr. Eluri actively participated in a crucial event—the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Conference, held from the 16th to the 24th of September 2023. This event served as a platform to emphasize and discuss the crucial role of sustainable development goals in steering global progress. Dr. Eluri’s focal points during the conference were gender equality and nuclear disarmament, pivotal aspects in promoting world peace and stability.

In the realm of global security, Dr. Srinivas Eluri passionately underlined the urgent need for a ban on nuclear weapons. The existential threat posed by these devastating instruments cannot be underestimated. He stressed that the current trajectory of nuclear proliferation presents a significant question to humanity, one that demands immediate and unified attention. His resounding call was for a collective cessation of nuclear weapon production. He implored nations to reconsider their priorities and channel their efforts towards peaceful coexistence rather than the relentless development and accumulation of these destructive arms.

Dr. Eluri’s address was multifaceted, touching upon fundamental human rights and ethical considerations. He highlighted the necessity of prioritizing humanitarian needs, particularly in the face of growing global challenges. His assertion that “people need food, not missiles” encapsulates the essence of this humanitarian perspective, emphasizing the importance of addressing basic human needs. Moreover, the discourse extended to the inhumanity inherent in nuclear warfare. Dr. Eluri emphasized that nuclear warfare stands as a stark violation of human dignity and moral principles. He implored for a collective conscience that categorically rejects the engagement in and endorsement of such inhumane practices.

Additionally, the diplomat underscored the significance of inclusivity and global collaboration in decision-making processes concerning nuclear weaponry. Dr. Srinivas Eluri stressed that every nation’s opinion and concerns regarding nuclear weapons should be considered and weighted equally. This democratic approach ensures that decisions related to nuclear armament are collective, well-informed, and representative of the global population’s diverse perspectives.

The impact of Dr. Srinivas Eluri’s address was substantial and resonated profoundly with international figures, including Toshiya Hoshino, Professor; Nikhil Seth, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General; Danielle MoLaughlin, Project Lead, Horizon 2045 Legal Strategies; and Hidehiko Yuzaki, Governor, Hiroshima Prefecture, and Representative of HOP. Their acknowledgment reflects the global significance and influence of Dr. Eluri’s advocacy for sustainable development goals and a more peaceful world.

In conclusion, Dr. Srinivas Eluri’s presence and active contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Conference marked a crucial stride towards fostering a world driven by peace, humanitarian values, and sustainable development. His articulate and impassioned address serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility we bear in shaping a future free from the shadows of nuclear conflict and oriented towards the welfare of all humanity.


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